Shopping in Køge

Køge has a long history as a market town, and the natural harbour and strategic
location has been a big part of it.

The town's history dates back to 1288, and it was a contrast to Roskilde, the
religious center at that time.

The old town centre is well-preserved, which the many half timbered houses confirms.

Køge is also a part of Copenhagen's metropolitan area. It offers easy transportation
to the center of Copenhagen by the E line of the S-train commuter rail system.




Attractions in Køge

City walks

Enjoy a walk through the town, which is divided by the old, well preserved houses, and a modern, enterprising town.



Feel like a giant

Visit the Mini-Town and get the opportunity of feeling like a giant among many houses. The Mini-Town is a replica of Køge city centre in the year of 1865.



Market days

Feel the atmosphere of a 700 year old market square in Køge Torv.




Walk through Køge's well-known, organized shopping scene and find shops for every taste.




See the beautiful, well-preserved architecture half timbered houses from the Renaissance period in the center of Køge. Find one of Denmark's oldest half timbered house from 1527.



Art and galleries

Køge Bay region is full of outdoor sculptures and statues. Seek and you shall find the stories behind these works of art.



Cycling holiday

Go cycling along Køge River Path and experience the idyllic lakes. Or visit Ølsemagle Revle, known as a Mekka for bird lovers, and much more.



The scenery along Køge Bay

The scenic settings in Køge provide many opportunities for a great walk or cycling trip. Enjoy the interesting landscapes, beautiful beaches and the historical lakes.



For more information on what to see and do in Køge, please go to Visit Køge.

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